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Carnivore conflict

working with communities throughout the Northern rockies to transform livestock-predator conflict


Human-wildlife conflict consultant


capacity building

understanding and relating to your experience is crucial to the ability to transform conflict. together, we can bring stakeholders together to identify the scope and nature of predation on the landscape and explore opportunities to improve the situation.

how I can help:

  • organization

  • facilitation

  • building relationships with key partners and collaborators

  • educating about available tools and methods

Data collection

while much can be learned from other communities that experience conflict, identifying and understanding trends on your own landscape are crucial to the ability to reduce or mitigate conflict with predators. together, we can give your community the tools and training it needs.

How I can help:

  • design

  • implementation

  • training

  • management

  • analysis

range riding program

from locating sick or deceased livestock in a timely fashion to building communication, range riding can present a range of benefits for livestock producers. together, we can create a program that fits your community’s needs.

how I can help:

  • program design

  • fundraising

  • building relationships with key partners and collaborators

  • range rider training

  • program management

predator tracking

understanding how wildlife moves through the landscape can give you the power to manage your livestock in a way that’s in tune with predator behavior and movement. together, we can identify potential areas of high conflict.

how I can help:

  • deploying + maintaining trail cameras

  • tracking by horseback

  • radio telemetry (if in use)

  • build relationships with key partners + collaborators

About me

for the past six years, I have devoted my life to predator ecology and the transformation of livestock-predator conflict. my introduction to this work began in college when I was working for a local conservation non-profit that is part of the species survival program for red wolves and Mexican grey wolves. knowing exactly the niche I wanted to carve out for myself, I graduated from Western Connecticut state university with a degree in biology (focus in ecology) and minor in conflict resolution. during that time I became certified in the fundamentals of conflict resolution and was also named an alternate for a Fulbright research fellowship to Sweden to study interactions between semi-domestic reindeer and wolves, intimately learn Sami culture, and relate to their perspectives on livestock-predator conflict. instead of going to Sweden upon graduation, I began working as a range rider and lead tracker for the ranching community in Montana’s centennial valley. after two years, I moved to tom miner basin to continue working as a range rider and also took on the role of research data coordinator, designing and implementing the basin’s data collection and helping to develop a new study. In between my range riding seasons, I’ve also worked as a ranch hand for ruby dell ranch and a biologist for yellowstone national park’s wolf project. regardless of my background and personal experience, I act As a neutral entity. This is a stance I am very protective of given the nature of this work. it’s not about me; it’s about people who are struggling in that conflict. I’m always happy to share my objective experiences, but my goal is to understand others’ experiences And do all I can to help.


current projects

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interested in collaborating?

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in-person + in the media

Speaking engagements


  • Ecology and Adaptation: Animals and Humans in the Yellowstone Ecosystem | yellowstone forever + university of Colorado boulder


  • carnivore coexistence in the greater yellowstone ecosystem | wolf conservation center

  • Stewardship of public lands seminar | Yellowstone forever + american association of state colleges and universities


  • range rider training workshop | western sustainability exchange

  • range rider training workshop | western sustainability exchange


  • range rider training workshop | j bar l ranch


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